Mobs are an important source of items such as meat and leather. But some mobs can also drop special items after defeated.


Chicken Edit

The chicken is a peaceful mob and also the fastest and is pretty weak. When killed, it will drop 1 meat. The best way to kill them is with long-range weapons.


Pig Edit

The pig is also a peaceful mob and pretty fast too. When killed, it will drop 2 meat. Spears and Crossbow do a good job of killing them.


Wolf Edit

The wolf is a hostile mob that attacks you when nearby. They can be pretty annoying when just spawn, especially in the dark, but when you have a bit good weaponry they can be easily killed. When defeated, they drop 2 meat and 1 leather.


Bear Edit

These bears are not to be hugged. They are a hostile mob that attacks when nearby. They are stronger then wolves so you need some pretty good equipment if you want to kill them safely (Though a highly skilled player can kill one with a wooden pick and no armor). When defeated, they drop 4 meat and 2 leather.


Diamond Ghosts Edit

The diamond ghost is also a hostile mob. It only spawns near the center, where the diamond ore spawns. Ghosts deal heavy damage (5 with no armor), so when you´ve just spawned, it is best to avoid that area. When killed, they drop diamond or on the order of about 30 units.e


Demon (Boss) Edit

The demon is the strongest and deadliest mob(boss) in the game. It takes many hits to take him down and he can deal some serious damage, so you must be really good prepared. A way of defeating him is to put him between a spike wall and adamant ore and then poke him with a spear. he only spawns in the center, so you have to go through the lava. If you manage to defeat him you will get the devil´s ax, the strongest weapon in the game.

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